Oregon Sunstones

You can collect Oregon Sunstones (also known at Desert Diamonds) near Plush, Oregon. The Oregon Sunstones come in a variety of colors including, clear, yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, red, watermelon (beautiful red/green), peach, peach schiller. To the right is some raw sunstones. Oregon Sunstones are the only ones known to be in different colors. You can collect them for free on designated BLM land. You will want a to have a screen with 1/4 inch mesh for sifting in the dirt and a shovel for digging. When you are done digging always replace the dirt back in the hole so that no one is able to fall in it. If you would like to get instructions and help. Spectrum Mine in the sunstone area, will allow you to dig in designated area and use their equipment free for one day. Chris and Jessica can show you how to dig and sift for sunstones. Check in with their office when you arrive at their mine. You can also pay a fee of $200 per hour (rate summer 2009, fees subject to change) to collect on their conveyor belt that does a water wash over the materials. This gives you an opportunity to get some larger stones in the different colors. My friend and I got some beautiful reds and a couple of blues on the conveyor belt.

Here are some sunstones that have been polished in the rock tumbler (Blackcat Mining Rock Tumblers & Kits ). They are very beautiful when polished.  The larger sunstones can be faceted and mounted in beautiful settings. I have a few larger stones that I have been saving to be faceted and mounted into some earrings. and pendants. You can view several different colors at Spectrum Mine’s website. Sunstones can also be carved. This is a fun adventure with the fun of treasure hunting. Each scoop of dirt could have that beautiful schiller or watermelon sunstone. When you find one of the different colored stones, it just excites you to dig all the more. Make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat, water spritz bottle (to more clearly look at your treasures), your sense of adventure and lots of water for drinking. There are no restaurants or stores this far out in the high desert. You will want to pack food with you. You can camp for free on the BLM land.

Here is a pair of earrings that I made from some polished sunstones that I had collected. You can be very creative with the sunstones, because no two are alike. Have fun and enjoy your own adventure collecting sunstones.