John Carter of Mars – Movie Review

John Carter of MarsThe movie is based on the John Carter of Mars book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The movie follows the books fairly well. The characters, Tars Tarkas, Dejah Thoris, Sola, and of course, John Carter are well represented. I liked his dog. The special effects are superb with John Carter jumping, the flyers and other characters. The white apes were scary, I would not want to run into one of them. I was skeptical about seeing the movie, knowing that so many times the original story gets so destroyed, but Disney did a good job with keeping to most of the original story. I hope that they will do another movie. But to truly enjoy the story you need to read the books. Edgar Rice Burroughs stories hold a special place for me, because a friend of the family, grew up in the same town as Edgar’s family and would tell us stories of Edgar being a dreamer all the time. Edgar’s family owned the soda fountain in that town, and he would write all the time while he worked. I recommend seeing the movie. Two thumbs up.

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